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What should one consider when ordering a lamp shade?
Ask yourself these following questions:

A)  What about size and shape?  This is determined by the lamp base itself and where it is to be placed in the room, the height of the table and how it is viewed.  Is it in a large room and needs to fill a big space or is the room small?

B)  What is the main function to the lamp?  Is it to be for ambiance, with indirect lighting or does it needs to help light up a larger area?  An opaque shade allows the light to shine only out the top and bottom of the shade mainly for ambiance.  The parchment shades are translucent and light a larger area.  For reading the light should be above the shoulder when using a parchment shade, not in front of ones eyes. 

C)  What should the colour be?  There are many choices, your lamp, the room and the desired effect.  These colours should compliment those in the surrounding area and that selection is varied. It all depends on the main function of the shade.  Is it for ambiance or a major light source? Parchment shades are translucent and the light shows through the painted surface. The main body of a parchment shade usually is lighter in colour to allow for a warm glow to show throughout and the accent colours cover less of the shade surface.  Opaque shades being totally opaque are wonderful in that they allow for all colours and effects to be used without destroying the desired ambiance. When ordering at the shop personally, bring the lamp, swatches of fabric, paint chips and even a picture of the surrounding area. These are all beneficial tools to help make a good choice.

Can I order a shade without you seeing the lamp and what size should it be?
Modern technology has made it very possible to do so. Take a picture of the lamp standing beside a yardstick, ruler or cloth measure.  Note also the width of the widest part of the body of the lamp.  Make sure that the picture is of the whole lamp so it is possible to note the neck and the harp fitting if there is any. One can mail me the colour chips and or pieces of fabric.  The 1-800-772-6811 will allow you ask any further questions. Feel free to use it. Tinkham Smart will ask for a small deposit to start and the balance after receiving your shade.  You pay the shipping.



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