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Here are just a few examples of the many lamps that Tinkham Smart has sold to happy clients.


Fireman Hat

It was a vintage Verdun Fire hat of heavy leather and brass trim that had been used by the client’s father and a family treasure.  It is mounted on a double wood base, on an old hat form so the hat could be easily removed and replaced.  It was placed at such an angle that was complimented by the parchment oval leaf and red trimmed shade. The client was very pleased.



Spinning Wheel
A toy spinning wheel, mounted on a simple wood base was a find for this client who used it in her new grandchild’s nursery. The shade was a parchment simulated to look like leather in blue and amber tones.


Antique Hot Water Bottles
This pair of  c/ 1918 American chrome plated hot water bottles were in my show room for a very short time before being sold.  Metal hot water bottles come in many sizes and shapes and transform very nicely into lamps, a true conversation piece. 


Toy Red Boat
This was great fun to make up.  The boat was very obviously made by a very doting Grandpa and the bright red opaque, oval shade with multi-coloured bands made for a very handsome piece.  It now lives in Chicago.


available soon




Sewing machine
A client brought us her grandmother's rusty Singer sewing machine that she had brought to Canada when she came as a young war-bride. We restored the machine to a very presentable state, mounted it into beautifully fashioned base, electrified it and then topped it off with a rectangular shaped shade which was trimmed with an etched brass leaf design inspired by the design on the machine. The client was amazed and very pleased.


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