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This is a small sample of some of the items that are in the Tinkham-Smart show room.  It is also possible to purchase a lamp with a different shade of another colour or material.   Items are constantly changing.  If you are looking for something special to fill a particular space there is a possibility that it has not been made for the show room.  It may be waiting for your special request.

Carolyn at 1-800-772-6811 is pleased to answer any questions.



Table Lamp # 1

Vintage Fire hat









Table Lamp # 2

Toy spinning wheel







Table Lamp # 3

Antique hot water bottles






Table Lamp # 4

Brass bilge pump on a double wood painted black base


Oval opaque shade, raised brass leaf and black band

32” high, 13” deep,  17” wide




Table Lamp # 5

Italian brass candlestick


17 ½” high, 8” wide

Parchment shade, brass etched bands and tiny beading






Table Lamp # 6

50's Ice Crusher Lamp

Dimensions to come 






Table Lamp # 7

Glass yellow and white tri-light lamp

Oval parchment shade with brass leaf and white bands

28” high, 17” wide, 11” deep




Table Lamp # 8

Italian silver candlestick lamp

Parchment oval shade with silver leaf trim and black rope trim

Silver leaf struts on sides of shade

19” high, 11” wide, 8” deep

switch on silver cord

 $255  SOLD





Table Lamp # 9

Aluminum percolator lamp, bakelite handle on black base

Opaque yellow shade, white bands and silver beading

19 ½” high, 13” wide and deep






Table Lamp # 10

Hacks cough drop tin lamp on painted black wood base

Parchment rounded corner shade, deep red old gold and black trim

 22” high, 13’ wide, 10 ½” deep






Table Lamp # 11

Antique demi-john in original wicker basket

Parchment with brass leaf etched shade

33” high, 21” wide and deep




Table Lamp # 12

Ceramic oxblood lamp in Oriental wood base


Opaque shade deep smoked red with brass leaf etched bands


23” high, 17” high and deep



Table Lamp # 13

Jenkins brass gate valve lamp on a double wood black painted base

One of a pair

24” high, 12  ½” wide and deep

Parchment with brass leaf and moss green line

$295 or $550 for pair



Table Lamp # 14

Antique Quebec crock.


Parchment shade with hand painted multi-coloured fishing fly design


20” high, 14” wide and deep

Have 2 lamps not complete match --- Lamps Sold



Table Lamp # 15

Antique black boots mounted on painted green base.

Opaque oval shade with brass leaf bands

26” high, 21” wide, 15” deep


Colours of base and shade may be changed to client’s specifications



Table Lamp # 16

Old Bokar 1 lb. Coffee tin lamp on painted 2 colour wooden base

Parchment shade with bands of brass leaf and black

Small chrome beading trim.

19” high, 10 1/2” wide and deep

$255   SOLD



Table Lamp # 17

Fishing creel lamp on wooden base

Rounded corner parchment shade with a red design and rubbed green bands

24” high, 11 ½” deep, 17” wide




Table Lamp # 18

White and green milk-glass antique oil lamp

Parchment white shade with bands of green and brass leaf etched design

24” high, 18 1/2” wide and deep




Table Lamp # 19

Ornate chrome samovar lamp

Parchment oval shade with silver leaf and denim blue bands

26” high, 17 ½” wide, 13” deep




Table Lamp # 20

Antique cranberry picker lamp

Rounded corner parchment shade with bands of deep red and old brass leaf

25” high, 14” wide, 11” deep

$275     SOLD



Table Lamp # 21

Sunbeam Rain King Corp water sprinkler lamp

Mounted on double wooden base painted a charcoal metallic

Rounded corner shade of simulated leather trimmed with khaki and red cord

17” high, 11” wide, 9” deep




Table Lamp # 22

French horn lamp mounted on wooden walnut finish base

Oval parchment with brass leaf and deep burgundy bands

Brown rope trim

35” high, 24” wide, 18” deep

$485   SOLD



Table Lamp # 23

Beatty Pump Lamp

dimensions to come





# 23 detail shown




Table Lamp  #24

Antique Car Jack

Mounted on a double-base painted wood to match the jack

Shade an opaque rich green body with pine bands trimmed with brown rope and sueudine  

Inside of shade toned amber

24 1/2" high, 11 1/2" wide,
8 1/2" deep





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